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Fear inherited
Most of us blame it on scary movies or a past trauma.But scientists now believe that fear, far from being a learned response, is actually programmed into our genes. Full story...

News Image Language, memory helped by music
Learning a musical instrument can help children enhance their linguistic skills. And it can even help people recover from memory loss after brain injury. A study has revealed that children who had musical training had a better recall of words. Full story...
News Image Fake tan warning
Fake tans have again been found to boost skin cancer rates. A large Swedish study revealed the popularity of solariums had led to a sharp rise in skin cancer on parts of the skin usually covered by clothing. Full story...
News Image A tipple could help weight loss
One of the big sins of a dieting regimen has been alcohol consumption, dieticians have long told us. But now Melbourne researchers have revealed that up to four drinks a day for men and two for women could help to banish unwanted kilograms. Full story...

Site of the Week Eyes on Diabetes A Resource for Diabetic Retinopathy

Site of the weekEyes on diabetes is an informative, Australian website committed to increasing the awareness of retinopathy (eye disease) associated with diabetes. The site is well presented with photos and easy to read explanations about diabetes and retinopathy. There's also information for health professionals and the forum is supported by a number of prominent organizations including the International Diabetes Institute. A great site.

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Event Walk to Work Day
Dates Friday, 3 October 2003
More information Unblock some arteries - take part in Walk to Work Day this Friday - in the interests of better health, cleaner air, less traffic and improved transport.
Contact Pedestrian Council
Phone (02) 9968 4544
Event World Sight Day
Dates Thursday, 9 October 2003
More information Aims to raise awareness among the over 50's about preventable vision loss and the benefit of regular eye tests.
Contact Vision 2020 Australia
Phone (03) 9816 1587
Event National Week of Deaf People
Dates Saturday, 11 October 2003 - Friday, 17 October 2003
Contact Australian Association of the Deaf
Phone (02) 9286 3944


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General Stress

While there may not be a definite way to describe stress, all of us encounter some degree of stress every day. Whether it be missing the bus, being late for school, deadlines for work or concern about our health, everyone experiences some form of stress on a regular basis.

Stress can be psychological, emotional or physical but for the most part we mean psychological stress feeling strain because of something or someone. The treatment of stress is also very varied. It may mean having a few days off work, a change in occupation or a holiday.

Treatment is something that can be completely individual and is hard to prescribe. Often it depends on finding the cause of the stress and removing or reducing the impact that it has on our lives. Counseling may be of assistance in some cases.

eMedical Pharmacy Online has a number of products to help ease the symptoms of stress in our Stress Relief Department.


Note: There is a $4.95 (Australian) delivery charge for most orders. See the web site for exceptions.

Specials - Stress
Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula Tablets (Pack of 28) 1412
A vitamin and mineral supplement containing herbs which may be beneficial in times of physical and emotional stress - $8.95

Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula Tablets

Blackmores Sustained Release B Complex Tablets (Pack of 200) 1473
Description B group vitamins are essential to assist with the metabolism of food into energy and for the healthy functioning of the nervous system - $34.95

Blackmores Sustained Release B Complex Tablets

Brauer Nervatona Tonic 200ml
NervatonaTM gently relaxes you and helps you to unwind so you can cope better with the effects of stress and mild anxiety - $11.50

Brauer Nervatona Tonic 200ml


Natures Own Fiz Stress Relief Effervescent Tablets (Pack of 20) 436
- $13.65



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