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Item Descriptions 

eMedical Pharmacy Online allows you to order the following types of items online:

Standard PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) Prescriptions

This is the commonest form of prescription. Prices for these medications are determined by the Federal Government. In most cases, the most you need to pay is $37.80 unless your doctor has prescribed a more expensive brand which a premium may be payable.

Further information about the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and how it subsidises medications is available at the Health Insurance Commission web site.

Authority PBS

As for standard PBS medications, the price is set. Your doctor must obtain permission to issue this type of medication, as allowed by criteria associated with certain medical conditions. In most cases, your doctor will have obtained permission by telephone before giving you the prescription.

Private Prescriptions

These medications are not government subsidized. Prices vary a great deal across pharmacies. Our prices are the cheapest available. If you have private health insurance with pharmaceutical cover, you may be eligible to receive a rebate from your insurer.

Concession Card Holders - Pensioners, Health Care Card and Veteran Affairs

Prices for most medications are $5.30.

Safety Net Card Holders

If you have spent more than a certain amount on medications in a calendar year, you may be eligible to receive a Safety Net card which entitles you to free or discounted medications. See the note below Safety Net thresholds.

A detailed explanation of how the Safety Net Scheme works is on the Health Insurance Commission web site.

Over The Counter

These items are available without needing a prescription.

Some Important Points Regarding Prescriptions

  • S8 medication cannot be supplied. Medications in this category are considered dangerous or needing refrigeration.

  • S3 medications may be available over the counter at a physical pharmacy, but only if the pharmacist has personally counselled you about their use. eMedical Pharmacy Online requires you to send a prescription before we can dispense S3 medications. This is a legal requirement in the State of Victoria to ensure that patients recieve adequate advice and counselling about medications.

  • Generic products refer to medications that contain the same active ingredients but are made by other companies. They may be cheaper than the brand that your doctor has prescribed, and you may opt for another brand. Our pharmacist will check your selection at the time of dispensing.

  • 2015 Medicare Safety Net thresholds

    There are different Medicare Safety Net thresholds depending on your circumstances.

    2015 Medicare Safety Net thresholds

     Threshold amountWho it is forHow it is calculatedWhat the benefit is
    Original$440.80All Medicare cardholdersBased on gap amount100% of schedule fee for out of hospital services
    Extended Concessional and
    FTB Part A
    $638.40Concession cardholders and families eligible for FTB Part AOut of pocket costs80% of out of pocket costs or the EMSN benefit cap for out of hospital services
    Extended general$2,000.00All Medicare cardholdersOut of pocket costs80% of out of pocket costs or the EMSN benefit cap for out of hospital services
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