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Non-Prescription Medication

Move mouse over the category name for a description of the illness and the types of medication available in our online store

Asthma Needs

Equipment for managing asthma at home. Nebulisers and accessories, low-allergy bedding, spacers and masks.

Brauer Natural Homeopathic Formula Products


A large range of confectionery items, including lozenges for sore throats and glucose preparations.

Dental and Mouth Care

Items for the maintenance of healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwashes, gels for ulcers and sore gums, antiseptic solutions, denture care and dental floss.

Family Planning and Sexual Health

Products to prevent or diagnose pregnancy, reduce STD risk, or enhance your sexual experience. Condoms, lubricants, pregnancy testing kits

First Aid

Essential supplies for minor medical emergencies. Bandages, antiseptic creams and lotions, thermometers, medicine droppers, cotton wool. See the "wound care" section for more bandages.

Foot Care

Products to help with tinea, dry or toughened skin, orthopaedic problems, corns, bunions and blisters. Powders, heel and arch pads, antiperspirants and deodorants, creams and powders. A large range of Scholl foot care items can be found in this section.

Fragrances and Aftershaves For Men

Prestige aftershaves, fragrances and body products for that special man in your life. Includes Calvin Klein, Joop!, Cool Water and much more.

Hair Care

What you need to keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy and attractive. Shampoos and conditioners, anti-dandruff treatments, hair colours, combs and brushes, baldness treatments, styling gels, waxes and hairsprays.

Hair Colours

Permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes and rinses. Cover greys or just make a colour change - the choice is yours - at Australia's cheapest prices.

Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Well known shampoos and conditioners at wholesale prices.

Hand and Nail

Keep your hands and nails healthy. Gloves, hand and nail creams.

Household Goods

Products to help with maintaining your home and belongings. Washing powder, tissues, toilet paper


Pads and disposable undergarments to help manage incontinence.

L'Oreal Cosmetics

Famous L'Oreal Brand cosmetic powders, lipsticks, nail polishes and foundations at discount prices.

Lip Care

Treatments for dry lips and cold sores. Lip balms, cold sore treatments (ointments and tablets) and lip gloss.

Monitoring Your Health

Products that allow you to measure the state of your health and keep conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes under control. Thermometers, pregnancy testing kits, blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring devices.

Mother and Baby

Essential requirements for parenting and breast feeding. Nappies, bottles and accessories, breast pads, feeding formulas, baby powders and creams

Nutritional Products

A range of nutritional supplements for those recuperating from illness or with a heavy training schedule. Ensure and Sustagen Hospital and Sports Formulas.

Perfumes and Gifts

A gift for all occasions. Why go overseas to buy your perfume and aftershave? Look at our fantastic range and prices.

Personal Care

The products you need for your day-to-day personal hygiene and maintenance. Soaps, razors and blades, antiperspirants, deodorants, cotton buds, tissues and hair removal products. Note: If you can't find the soap you are looking for in this section, try the Skin Care section for moisturizing and special dermatological soaps.


Films and batteries to suit most standard cameras.

Skin Care

A vast range of products suitable for the skin care needs of both men and women. Moisturisers, cleansers, bath oils, masks, skin toners, special soaps, body washes, antiseptic creams, anti-wrinkle and wart treatments.

Sports Supplements

Specially formulated vitamins and supplements to increase endurance and stamina in athletes.

Sun Care

Protection against sunburn and skin cancer. Sunscreens as milks or creams for different skin types

Vitamin Supplements

An enormous range of supplements for those with inadequate intake. Products include multivitamin capsules and tablets, specialized formulas (e.g. for women, vitamin B complex, products for seniors). Natural remedies to help aid sleep, stress and digestion. Blackmores and Nature's Own products can be found here.

Vitamin Supplements - Chinese Herbal Supplements

Vitamin Supplements - Swisse Brand

Vitamins and supplements researched by a Professor over 20 years of scientific validation. Available at discount prices from eMedical!

Vitamins - Bio Ceuticals (Practitioner Only)

Vitamins - Bio-Organics Brand  (Bullivants)

Premium grade vitamins and supplements to help promote good health - naturally.

Vitamins - Bioglan Brand

Quality assured and tested vitamin range that is Australian owned and made.

Vitamins - Blackmores Brand

Quality Blackmores brand vitamins, supplements and natural therapies to not only help you recover from illness more quickly but also keep you well.

Vitamins - Dr Vera's Pure Innovations

Vitamins - Ethical Nutrients & Inner Health

Ethical Nutrients has long been known as the professional strength vitamin range. Combining cutting edge scientific research and development with world class manufacturing techniques, Ethical Nutrients' products use only high quality raw materials and ingredients. Free from any artificial fillers and binders, Ethical Nutrients has built a reputation on producing products that work. The Ethical Nutrients range has been described as clean, clinical, bright, fresh and of course, professional. The Ethical Nutrients range is fast becoming a well recognised and sought after brand.

Vitamins - For Children

Quality vitamins and supplements suitable for children at discount prices.

Vitamins - MD Nutritionals

Vitamins - Metagenics brand (Practitioner Only)

Vitamins - Natural Nutrition Brand (Bullivants)

Quality vitamins and natural supplements to promote and maintain good health.

Vitamins - Nature's Own  (Bullivants)

Quality vitamins and supplements at a value for money price.

Vitamins - Naturopathica

Vitamins - Nordic Naturals Brand

Vitamins - Nutrition Care (Practitioner Only)

Vitamins - Orthoplex Brand (Practitioner Only)

Vitamins - Practitioner Only - Various Suppliers

Weight Loss

These products, in conjunction with a sensible eating plan and regular exercise, can help with the weight loss process. Calorie counter and "fat metabolisers" (note that there is no conclusive scientific evidence for the efficacy of these products)

Women's Health

Items for managing menstruation, vaginal thrush and urinary tract infection: Tampons, anti-fungals, sanitary pads, urinary alkalinising products

Worming Treatment

Suspensions and tablets for children and adults to control worm infestations.

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