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Natural and Complementary Health Transcript 

    Host:    Michael Alexander (Naturopath)
  Chatmaster Welcome. The chat will commence at 7pm tonight. Hope to see
you then.
  MA - Naturopath Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining us in the chatroom tonight.
  Hello everyone. Thanks Michael for coming onlien tonight. Does
anyone have any questions? If not, there are a few things I'd like
to ask.
  MiG my doctor said i have to take steroids for my asthma - are there
any other treatments? can diet make it better?
  MiG - make sure you discuss this carefully with your doctor.
Taking steroids for asthma can be a lifesaver for some people!
The side effects aren't usually a problem if they are inhaled
steroids like Becotide or Pulmicort.
  wetland My Doctor and I have Discussed St. John's Wort. He says the
Jury is still out with respect to it's efficacy. I am taking cipramil
and we are aware that you cannot mix with St. John's Wort. I
would like to think I can do away with cipramil in time. Do have an
opinion on St. John's Wort ? Some data suggests it is only as
effective as some of the early anti depressants so its use may be
limited. Can it be used in a maintenance regime after the most
serious depression has passed ? How effective do you think it
is ?
  MA - Naturopath Well, as you may already know, asthma is a chronic inflammatory
condition of the airways. Like alto of chronic inflammatory
conditions, it would respond well to fish oils, which will help
reduce " prostaglandin " and " leukotriene " cascades and high
doses of vitamin C may have an effect on reducing high levels of
histamine in reaction to allergens. And yes diet will assist, by
reducing milk and dairy products, you can reduce the amount of
mucus your body makes.
  MiG i sometimes notice i cough after eating ice cream, so it sounds like
a good idea to reduce dairy products. thanks.
  Michael, I've never been quite clear on how homeopathic
treatments work. Could you give us a brief outline please?
  MA - Naturopath As far as I am aware, there is evidence for and against its use.
There are quite a few studies now that seem to indicate that St
John's wort works like SSRI's [ Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors ],
which are useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety etc.,
however the same studies indictae that you have to take doses
of up to 5 to 7 grams to have any noticable effect. Hence it is
similar to medications but much weaker. I believe it is efficacious,
since I have used it with success in several clients. As a
maintenance regime, I would encouage the client to work with
their prescribing doctor and myself. If the serious depressive
episode occurred over 2 years ago and the client was
reasonably stable, then I would consider using St John's wort,
obviously with caution.
  hi - my friend's flatmate is a naturopath and she practices
iridology. i don't believe that it works but he swears that she
diagnosed his celiac disease by using it. is this possible?
  Cassa I desperately want to give up smoking. Please any help would
be appreciated.
  MA - Naturopath Dr Miller, The basic tenet of homoeopathy is " like curing like ". It
was a system of curing devised by Samuel Hahnemann several
hundred years ago and he believed that if someone had
tuberculosis for example, then giving that person an infinite
amount of the tuberculosis disease in a mixture containing less
particles than avagadro's number will encourage the body to
healf itself.
  hmmmm..... i'm not convinced! :-) are there any controlled studies?
  Cassa - of the medical treatments, Zyban has the greatest
success rate, but it's far from perfect. Most people fail and there
can be side effects. I'd be interested to hear what Michael has to
  MA - Naturopath Iridology is a tool used by many naturopaths to assist them in
completeing their assessment of how a client presents with a
particular ailment. Some naturopaths use it as a diagnostic tool,
however most use it as another way of looking at an individual's
expression of disease. I use it and even though it is a " pseudo
science " and noy a truse science, I must admit I have witnessed
an amazing level of corolation between what I see in the iris and
  nat I am currently on Zoloft and olazipine and was wondering what if
anything you could recomend for weight loss, as I have gained
weight with an increase in my medication, any ideas
  Maurie hello, i have a question for the naturopath - what sort of
supplements do you recommend for unexplained
  noodles Hi, Can you suggest something for sinusitis -
  wetland For as long as I can remember I have always had thin fingernails
but they do not crack, even when knocked about. They do have
some light vertical lines on the outer and you can see some color
through them. Is there a dietry link to improving fingernail
thickness. I take regular supplements including B Complex, Zinc
Calcium and Iron. My basic food intake is reasonably balanced.
Maybe a few too many beers from time to time that's all.
  MA - Naturopath Cassa, I use homoeopathy and nutrients for many of my clients
who are in the throes of throwing away the " fags ". I use
homoeopathic tobaccum and lobelia, both of which create a "
distaste " for smoking. The nutrients I also use are a combination
of B group vitamins, and minerals like potassium and magnesium
to support the nervous system.
  ~Falcon~ Slightly off topic - I have a question relating to vasectomy
  goodfaery - depending on the severity of your tiredness it might
be worth talking to a doctor. if you have anaemia or thyroid
problems causing the tiredness it can be serious and might
require medical treatment
  falcon - what did you want to ask. i might be able to help.
  MA - Naturopath Nat, depending on your dose of Zoloft and Olanzapine, your
weight gain could be attributed to effects on your thyroid gland. I
would like Dr Miller's opinion on this, but sometimes your thyroid
gland may become underactive with long term treatments for
depression. I generally use dietary programs to assist weight
loss, based on popular programs like the " Atkins " diet and the "
Zone " diet, which I take the client through over a 4 to 8 week
  Maurie ever since i was in my final years at school, and then
through uni i have always been really tired. im careful not
to have late nights, i have many blood tests and they never
seem to reveal anything. also i seem to suffer from cold
symptoms on and off all year round - they often last for
months at a time. any suggestions?
  ~Falcon~ I had one in February but had a dipute with the surgeon. What
should I be able to feel after the procedure. I thought I would feel
two separate end of the Vas, but I can still feel one continuous
Vas and a small lump or nodule where the cut was made. Sperm
count is zero but I am concerned about re canulation.
  MA - Naturopath Goodfaery, the best supplements for tiredness are B group
vitamins to assist in energy production, and siberian ginseng is
excellent as a tonic. Please don't be fooled into taking guarana,
because it is promoted as a " herb ", it is really just a plant with
caffeine as part of it's structure.
  Michael, I have to admit it's been a while since I've treated anyone
for depression! I can look this up and Nat - if you would like to
check the emedical message boards I'll try and get an answer to
this online in the next couple of days.
  noodles Hi- question for the naturopath - what would you recommend for
sinusitis -
  nat Thanks alot for that Michael and Dr Miller
  ~Falcon~ Is the Vas a tube within another tube, and therefore is it this
outer tube that I can feel?
  Maurie i have never taken guarana - and i steer clear of anything
with caffeine because it gives me stomach pains
  evo what can you tell me about apolipo a1 and apollipo b and their
relation to raised cholesterol
  falcon, what you're feeling is pretty normal post-vasectomy. i've
worked in a sexual health clinic and felt *lots* of post-vasectomy
  MA - Naturopath Noodles, sinusitis treatments include: horseradish and garlic, with
marshmallow good for inflamed sinuses. Biochemic tissue salts
are diluted [ homoeopathic ] forms of minerals, and Nat mur, Kali
mur in particular are excellent for breaking down congestion.
Brauer make a homoeopathic tablet for sinus and allergy. Vitamin
C is good to minimise histamine release in the body. Herbs like
biacal scullcap and albizzia are also good natural antihistaminic
  noodles Thanks, do you think it would also help if I saw an allergist?
  Maurie would i be best off to take vit b and c together to try and
comabt the tiredness and the cold symptoms. could
there be any detremental effects of long term use of
  falcon, the usual failure rate for vasectomy is in the order of only
1 in 1000
  ~Falcon~ My wife will have alot to say if I'm the 1...lol
  ~Falcon~ Is the Vas a tube within a tube?
  MA - Naturopath Wetland, nails and hair are protein based " growths " on our
body. Apart from the nutrients you have mentioned, which are all
good, I also make sure that people have good protein sources
from meat, fish, soy, eggs etc., and I also look at the level of
protein in the diet and see if this needs to be raised. There is a
theory that stress causes fingernails in particular to become thin,
but in that instance they break easily as well.
  wetland Re thin nails. My protein intake is fairly high as I have a diet rich in
fish and seafoods. I wonder if thin nails are more due to heredity
  falcon, the vas deferens lies within the spermatic cord - you
might find the following web site useful:
  MA - Naturopath Goodfaery, a quick list of " immune nutrients " to consider: zinc,
vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin A. Immune herbs Echinacea,
Shitake mushrooms, Astragalus [ viral infections ].
  ~Falcon~ Ill look it up....beavercleaver' is a funny name though.
  Maurie thanks for that - what sort of combination of these
supplements would you recommend?
  MA - Naturopath Noodles, allergists have their place in the scope of " treatment ". I
know people who have been happy with treatment, but it is a
long [ and somewhat expensive ] process and there are no
  MA - Naturopath Evo, I have no answer to that, I would have to investigate it
  wetland, if the fingernails are extremely thin and brittle it can be a
sign of iron deficiency - you should consider asking your doctor
about this.
  MA - Naturopath Goodfaery: you can take vitamins B and C together, and there are
no long term side effects that I am aware of to such a
combination. All I will add is rather than make a multinational
vitamin company rich, vary your diet a little more.
  evo, i'll try to look this up in the next day or two and get an
answer to you online in one of the message boards - probably
the natural therapies one.
  MA - Naturopath Wetland: we all have to play with the cards we are dealt with so
yes, there may be some genetic basis as well.
  wetland Thanks for the info, MA - Naturopath and Dr Miller AND
Chatmaster of course. My first visit to the eMedical chat, All very
interesting and helpful.
  Maurie thanks michael, your advice is appreciated - as for the diet
changes im definitely going to have to put some serious
work into that.
  wetland, thanks for joining in. if you have any suggestions for
future chats, send them to chat@emedical.com.au. And of
course you can use our message boards and online consulting if
you have more questions.
  Honey i have diabetes that at this time is diet controlled. I also have a
respiratory condition the drs at this stage do not want to put me
on medication. Is there ant naturopathic medicine that will help
with glucose control?
  ~Falcon~ Thanks for the reference. Seeya
  And while I'm on the subject of plugging the web site, I notice our
pharmacists have a huge range of vitamins and supplements in
their section of the site at www.emedical.com.au/pharmacy.
  Honey, I'm sure any naturopath would agree that diet, exercise
and weight control should be the mainstays of your diabetic
management program.
  MA - Naturopath Honey: apart from dietary measures, a useful nutrient in
stabilising blood sugar is chromium. There is an Ayurvedic herb
that is popular at the moment in reducing blood sugar as well,
called Gymnema sylvetre.
  Maurie thanks for that Dr Miller, ill definitely have a look at the
vitamins in the pharmacy.
  Honey I watch my diet very carefullyy and I am still having a lot of
trouble controlling my glucose levels. As I have a disability and
use an electric wheelchair to get around exercise is very
  Chatmaster Just a quick reminder the chatroom is about to finish up for the
evening. If anybody has any last minute questions now is the time
to ask.
  Honey - the trick is to eat foods with a low glycemic index - have
a look at www.glycemicindex.com for a list of foods and their
  fred Thanks I haven't had any particular questions but have found the
info really interesting
  Maurie thanks for the chat Micheal and Dr Miller, i has been really
interesting. goodnight
  Chatmaster Thanks everbody for participating in tonights chat
  Thanks everyone for joining in. Don't forget the natural therapies
message board at www.emedical.com.au/messageboards if you
have more questions.
  MA - Naturopath Thanks everyone. See you next time!
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