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Queries abour your Medications Transcript 

    Host:    Dino Sapuppo (Pharmacist)
  tdesmaele Hello everyone. The chat will start today at 6:00pm AEST
  Jane Hello again Doctor
  fred Hi is the pharmacist there, I was wondering how your new online pharmacy was
  Dr Hocking Hello everybody, welcome to our chatroom on managing your medication. Today
we have our Pharmacist, Dino Sapuppo, with us to answer your questions
  kermit Hello. suffer from hay fever and was wondering between what months I should
be taking my tablets.
  chrissey I 'd like to know what doctors think is the best medication to use for blood
pressure - if it's not too high and I have not needed any before
  Dr Hocking Hi Kermit, Seasonal Rhinitis can occur throughout all the months of spring and
summer though individual sufferers vary in the duration of their symptoms and
pollen counts vary from year to year; it is safe to use hayfever medication
continuously and I would recommend that you take it on an as required basis
  Dr Hocking Hello Chrissey, there are many medications that are suitable for blood pressure.
Commonly used medications at present are ARAs such as Avapro, ACE Inhibitors
such as Tritace, Zestril, Gopten and Renitec, calcium blockers such as Norvasc,
Beta blockers such as Tenormin, and diuretics such as Natrilix.
  KFW hello dr; i have started using matoprolol recently but one of my friends said it
made him tired. I started a week ago and I am alright. When would I get that side
  chrissey What does the ARA mean doctor Hocking?
  Dr Hocking Hi KFW, tiredness is a potential side effect with lots of blood pressure medication,
the only way of ever knowing whether you will suffer a certain side effect is to
take the medication and see, and it sounds as if so far you've had no problems;
it's unlikely that you would develop tiredness
  Dr Hocking Chrissey, ARA stands for Angiotensin Receptor Antagonist, and this class of
medication is the newest class of anti-hypertensive to enter the market
  KFW Do you have the pharmacist here tonigt?
  Dino Sapuppo Hi KFW, yes Dino is here with us tonight. Do you have a question you would like
to ask?
  KFW Yes he told me he had the problem at the start. My doctor was going to use fluid
tablets but changed his mind. He said I could get tired or dizzy. It's just that I
expected a new knid of tablet because the othe type must have been used by
doctors for a long time
  Jane Hello Dino. How do you know whether you are saying the same things as the
doctor or if he may have told me all the importnat things to know before I start my
  Dr Hocking KFW, there are newer medications than metoprolol on the market but metoprolol a
very useful and commonly used medication and it is certainly an effective anti-
hypertensive agent and if you've had no side effects with it and your blood
pressure is well controlled there's no reason not to continue with it
  chrissey I am a smoker and I want to try zeban. Is it still expensive and do I have to see a
doctor or just ask the pharmacist?
  Dino Sapuppo Hi Jane, I would always ask what the doctor has told you about the medication.
Then I would ask what you would find important to know about your medication
and then explain to you what the doctor has directed via the script
  fred Dino, I like your new pharmacy site> Do you think the time will come when
theprescriptions will also be electronic & we can email them or something rather
than sending them to you.
  Jane Sometimes it is annoying that the chemist goes over all the details again or when
other people are listening in the chemist's shop; I am not sure what to do about
this . it ahppens even when i buy panadol
  Dino Sapuppo Chrissey, Zyban is available on the PBS as an authority prescription and the cost
will be $21.90 and for pensioners $3.50. You will need to see your local GP to
obtain a script for this medication. You will need to tell your doctor about any other
medication you are taking as Zyban may interact with certain medications.
  Andrew I think that's ewhy the online pharmacy is so good I reckon Jane
  KFW thank you doctor ; i have to leave now; but I agree with Jane that sometimes you
receive too much advice
  Andrew Dino what will Zyban react with
  chrissey What medications would interfere? I take avpro only
  Dino Sapuppo Hi Fred, yes I do believe in the not too distant future all prescriptions will be sent
via email from your doctors computer to the pharmacy of your choice, and you will
be able to collect your medication upon presentation of your medicare card.
Thanks for the feedback.
  Dino Sapuppo Andrew, Zyban works by altering the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, so if
you are taking anti-depressant medications such as Aurorix, this can be
  Dino Sapuppo Chrissey, It would be quite safe to take Zyban with Avapro.
  Kaylene Doctor and pharmacist. i take warfarin and I am often concerned that I receive
different answers from health professionals about food and medications which
may change my levels. Could you provide me with this information?
  chrissey Thank you Dino
  Dino Sapuppo Hello Kaylene, there are many medications that can interact with Warfarin and I
would advise you to always remind a doctor before he prescribes anything that
you are taking Warfarin. If you would like to emai mel via our pharmacy site I will
be able to send you more information about Warfarin interactions.
  Kaylene Thank you dino. I go to your pharmacy page and email
  fred What's the best thing to do with the repeats of my medication, I'm always losing
them. When I post them to you can you keep them so I don't lose them.
  Andrew If I'm going overseas, is there a problem taking enough tablets with me to last a
few months.
  Dino Sapuppo Fred, If you are having trouble managing your medication repeats then you might
find the pharmacy online a useful and convenient way to manage them. We can
certainly hold them for you. You then have the option to have them automatically
dispensed when they are due or you may choose to contact us via email when
you would like them dispensed.
  fred Thanks I think I might do that.
  Dino Sapuppo Andrew, there will not be a problem taking enough tablets overseas providing you
obtain a letter from your GP stating that the tablets are for your personal use only.
  little Is that new IUD Marina on the Government subsidised list and didn't I hear about
some other long acting injectible contraseptive.
  little Do those injectable contraseptives ones interact with antibiotics like the pill?
  Dino Sapuppo Andrew, You would need to ensure that you have enough repeats to cover you
for the time that you will be away. If you do not have enough repeats then you
will need to see a local GP and he/she would need to write a "regulation 24" script
  Andrew What about taking pain killers? are they OK to take OS
  Andrew Whats a regulation 24 script
  Dino Sapuppo Hello Little, the IUD is not on the list. It costs around $330.00 to buy.
The injectable contraceptives don't interact with antibiotics.
  Dino Sapuppo Andrew, yes, as long as you have a doctors letter
  Dr Hocking Thankyou to everyone for joining us tonight and we'd like to especially thank our
new online pharmacist for his guest appearance.
  little Thanks very much, I'm only sorry I was late to log on. When is the next chat and
what is it on?
  fred Thanks doc & dino, that was helpful, good luck with the new pharmacy
  admin2 Hi, test
  Hi Dino, I have a question regarding oral
thrush. Are there any medications you can
buy without seeing your doctor?
  Dino Sapuppo Hi. Yes, there are a two very
good medicines available without
prescription. These are (1)
Nilstat Drops - you take 1ml with
the dropper supplied and swish and
gargle it around in your mouth for
30 seconds before swallowing it.
Repeat the dose 4 times a day for
7 days and the infection should
clear. The second medicine is
called Daktarin Gel. This gel is
applied to the gums and tongue 4
times daily for 7 days. Both
medicines are very effective
however if symptoms persist you
should see your doctor.
  admin2 Hi. When will the next chat be held?
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