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Help on Joining Up as an eMedical Member

Here is the information you need to join us:

Choose a Username

It is important for you to choose a username you can remember. You will need to enter this username and password to enter some areas of the eMedical web site.

A lot of people choose to use their email address as their username. This makes it easier to remember.

Choose a Password

You will also need to choose a password that you will remember.

Type the Password Again

We ask you to enter your password again to ensure that we have got the correct value.

Secret Question and Answer

We ask you to enter a secret question to which only you know the answer to. For example "My mother's maiden name?", "Name of my pet dog?". The secret question and answer is used if you forget your eMedical password.


We will use the nickname you enter on the joining form for our chat room. People will know you as this nickname. The use of nicknames will hide your true identity so no one will know your real name unless you tell them.


Your title, firstname and surname are not required but will help us if we need to contact you.

Email Address

We also ask for your email address. Your email address will look similar to:

Postal Code

We like to know where you are visiting us from.

Date of Birth

Your date of birth can also help us provide you with the information you need and want to know.

Your Gender

Click either the Male or Female button to choose the different genders.

eMedical Newsletter

The eMedical Newsletter is optional. It is used to help make you aware of important health information that you want. You can choose to stop this newsletter by updating your profile at any time.

The eMedical Newsletter is sent in either HTML format with text formatting, images and functioning hyperlinks, or a text version which downloads faster and is incompatible with all email programs. The type of mail client (program) you use will determine if you can recieve HTML email or not. If you are unsure please select the Text option or contact your Internet Service provider who should be able to advise you.

Additional Help

If you're still experiencing difficulty signing up please send us an email at for assistance.

If this didn't help please tell us about it at

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